Monday, March 14, 2011

Sani Resort Greece Extends Its Green Programme For 2011

A privately developed hideaway set on a 1,000 acre ecological reserve, Sani Luxury Resort in Greece, Halkidiki is blessed with an outstanding natural beauty which it is dedicated to protecting and preserving. This year Sani Resort has pledged not only to continue with its extensive green programme but to build on its success – no small feat for the popular resort that features four luxury 5 star hotels in Greece! 

Under the direction of its dynamic and proactive Sani Green team, Sani luxury resort Greece is dedicated to working in a more sustainable way. Not only in continuously improving its performance in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy use, water conservation and waste minimisation but 2011 also sees the resort’s ‘Plant a Tree Programme’ go from strength to strength, work within the local community and the completion of an in depth wetlands study.

Sani Green Initiatives

Plant A Tree Programme 

In December 2010 the luxury Greek resort planted 4,000 trees in the Hanioti forest area on the Kassandra peninsula which has been badly damaged by forest fires in recent years. Now in its third year of operation, the ‘Plant a Tree Programme’ is helped by the guests of Sani luxury resort in Greece who are asked to contribute one Euro on check-out, which Sani Resort pledges to match. This scheme will continue throughout 2011 with Sani Resort caring for last years trees by removing any unwanted shrubbery that prevents growth and watering the trees during the dry months.

Working Within The Local Community 

In association with Friends of Urban Green, a non-profit organisation, whose board is made up of Forestry and Agronomy Thessaloniki University experts, Sani luxury resort in Greece has transformed the playground of a local elementary school into an ecological haven for children. Located in the neighbouring village of New Fokea, the playground has been renovated from its previous barren state into a fun and safe sanctuary filled with trees and greenery as well as benches and picnic tables for students to enjoy.

Wetlands Study

Offering a wide and varied environment, Sani Resort features a wetland bird sanctuary which stretches over hundreds of acres and has been declared a European Important Bird Area by the international organisation “BirdLife International” as well as being a Natura protected area. Home to more than 214 different kinds of birds including migrating mute swans, black winged stilts and little egrets,  there are two main walking trails through the area that guests can enjoy.

Sani Resort has completed a year long study of the wetlands, which has involved the monitoring of birds and their habitats, setting up a database of bird types and determining the priority species (protected and rare). Overseen by Mr. Akriotis, a professor at the University of the Aegean and the leading ornithologist in Greece, all threats and protective measures to the birds were assessed. With the first phase of the study now concluded, the results have confirmed a high level of biodiversity in the area which Sani Resort is dedicated to protecting. Of the 214 bird species recorded, 67 are on the recent ‘Red List of Threatened Species of Greece’, of which four are categorised as being critically endangered and seven as endangered.

In 2011 Sani Resort is putting further investment into the wetland conservation programme to protect the delicate and invaluable biodiversity and ensure guests can enjoy it for years to come. Detailed maps with suggested walks in the wetlands are available for guests so that they too, like the Sani Resort experts, can admire the birds.

Keen to learn more? Follow a blog on the Sani wetland study at which records the progress of the team.

Sani Green in Numbers
Sani Resort is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and in 2010 the Sani Green Recycling Programme exceeded even its most ambitious targets. Below is a break down of Sani Resort’s exceptional recycling achievements – the Greek resort will be working hard to beat these in 2011!

•   35 tonnes of paper recycled in 2010. Up from 18 tonnes in 2009 – an increase of 90%. (the equivalent of saving 2,300 trees & over 680,000 tonnes of water)

•   126 tonnes of glass recycled in 2010. Up from 28 tonnes in 2009 – an increase of 345%. (the equivalent of saving 2 tonnes of oil & 120,000 kg of raw materials)

•   870 kg of cans recycled in 2010. (the equivalent of saving 1.5 tonnes of iron core, 0.5 tonnes of coal, 40% of the water required for its production, 75% of the energy needed to make steel from virgin material, reduction of air emissions by 86% and water pollution by 76%)

•   Following the principle Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, Sani Resort has reduced the use of hundreds of kilos of plastic bottles through the use of certified water UV filtering technology and refillable Sani Green glass bottles at selected departments.

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