Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Daphne’s Club welcomes new mothers!

Dear Friends,

Mother’s Day is officially over, but for new mothers it is only right that their newly acquired status, motherhood, be celebrated by family and friends every day! At the very least, for the first months when life becomes a somewhat surreal and certainly interminable sequence of far-too-short naps and often-painful feedings.

As if dealing with everyday life were not enough, with summer fast approaching the question of holidays arises, even for mothers with small babies. And although holidays are exactly what a new mother needs, it is difficult to think of moving house under such conditions of generalized upheaval and sleep deprivation.

This is why Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments is a great choice for new mothers! We know from experience and perfectly understand what a new mother is going through and therefore strive to create a perfectly baby-and-mother- friendly holiday place. One that is comfortable and relaxing for her; safe and nurturing for baby; reassuring and interesting for siblings.
Why is Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments the perfect “New Mother” holiday accommodation?
because we provide all that bulky baby equipment that makes life difficult when packing and travelling: 
•    Baby cots
•    Baby bed rails
•    Baby chairs
•    Feeding bottle sterilizers
•    A baby changing station next to the lobby
•    Children’s books in many languages and for all ages
•    Children’s toys & games
•    Children’s sea toys & inflatables
•    New baby literature
  … because we actively support breastfeeding by offering:   
•    Breastfeeding pillows for comfortable breastfeeding
•    Breastfeeding screens for mothers who wish to breastfeed in our garden without being visible
•    Emergency breast pumps
•    Breastfeeding literature
  …because for older children we also have:   
•    An outdoor playground
•    An indoor creative corner
•    A ping pong table
•    A giant chess board
•    Children’s DVDs
•    Bicycles
   … because we are an eco-labeled hotel which uses eco-labeled cleaning products, therefore ensuring an environment that is safe from hazardous chemicals for all the family!   
So, new mothers take heart, comfortable holidays are possible and just an email away!

In the meantime I wish you all the best and hope to welcome you soon in our hotel!

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