Monday, July 11, 2011

Visiting Bangkok - Our Green suggestion Bangkok Treehouse (Green Hotel & Organic Restaurant)

Located in the green zone of the Bang Nampheung region of Greater Bangkok, the Bangkok Treehouse is surrounded by mangrove palms, coconut plantations and singing cicadas. 

From tree top rooms that overlook the Chao Phraya river to soaring treehouses that are designed after birds nests, the accommodations here are truly unique, yet the hotel's steadfast commitment to the environment is what makes this one of the most desirable places to stay in Bangkok for the most green of green travelers.

In late-2011, the Bangkok Treehouse hotel and its in-house organic gourmet restaurant will open its doors to all guests. The establishment's green facilities will include:

Green Architecture:

- Green roofs for guest rooms (more outdoor space and less aircon. areas)

- Edible green walls and roofs that help provide passive insulation

- Use of organic material and upcycled garbage in hotel's construction

Green Energy:

- All outdoor lighting will be powered by wind and solar energy

- Sensors automatically switch off all power when guests leave room

- Energy efficient lighting (LED) and appliances (eg. hot water from solar heater)

- Re-use of cooking oil as bio-diesel

Green Waste Management:

- On-site composting of garbage and other waste (composting toilets available)

- Re-use of grey water for irrigation

- No bottled water, all water is freely distributed in glass bottles

Other Green mentionables:

- Use of only organic cleaning material

- All laundry is line-dried

- Storage of rain-water for on-site use 

+6681 453-1100

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