Friday, November 4, 2011

First Coron Environmental Forum

“A Call for Action and Cooperation” 
THEME: Towards Sustainable Coron in the next Millennium November 8-9, 2011
The FIRST CORON ENVIRONMENTAL FORUM will be held on November 8-9, 2011 at Busuanga Island Paradise to convene the public and private tourism stakeholders of Coron and Calamianes with distinguished line up of Resource Persons from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, AIT-RRCAP-UNEP, international Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality consultant as well as esteemed Environmental NGOs to enlighten on Ecological, Coastal and Marine Resources responsibilities and experiences. The Forum topics will include learning environmental laws and updates, compliance assistance, pollution prevention, designing sustainable tourism framework and programs and green development efforts. The Conference is organized by The Coron Initiative (TCI), the Sustainable Tourism, Community Social Responsibility & Conservation framework, authored by Ms. Susan Cardenas, Sustainability, Green & Keynote Conference Guru who will present on Best Practices on Sustainable Tourism, greening technologies and solutions by Zero Carbon Resorts, Green Hotels and Clean Blue Asia.
“This is a dream-come-true opportunity for Coron and Calamianes, where I envisioned tourism and grassroots growth based on sustainability and conservation of our island’s rich biodiversity resources”, expressed by Al Linsangan III, Coron Ecotourism Lead Advocate, who spearheads the Forum groundwork as Executive Director of The Coron Initiative under the Calamianes Cultural Conservation Networks Inc. He added, “Coron as emerging destination has to learn the lessons of other island destinations whose environmental resources were depleted due to ignorance or neglect of Environmental protection. We wish to avoid these pitfalls of unsustainable development and massive tourism, and learn the strategies of sustainable tourism and economic growth not only for the current stakeholders and prospective investors but also for the future generations of Coron & Calamianes”.  
Guest Speaker-Expert from the United Nations Environment Program UNEP-AIT-RRCAP will also talk at the Forum which will bring together all concerned Coron & Calamianes Tourism industry players: Environmentally Critical Area Network (ECAN) Board chaired by Coron local chief executive Hon. Mario T. Reyes Jr., resort and lodging owners, restaurants, bars, small and medium business owners, leisure (aqua sports, beauty, & health) service providers, land, water and air transport, NGOs, cooperatives, academe and Youth Leaders, to be educated and/or updated with the prevailing environmental compliance and together foment a comprehensive Environmental conservation, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Tourism Initiatives for Coron & Calamianes Islands.  One of the most important objectives of the forum is to educate participants about the salient features of environmental laws, the impending threats of climate change and global warming by the DENR and the current status of environmental resources of Coron & Calamianes to be presented by Palawan Council for Sustainable Development. Part of strategy discussions are sharing of experiences, practices and technologies for sustaining the available resources  of this promising tourism destination and marine biodiversity hotspot in order to organize and implement The Coron Initiative Sustainable Tourism Task Force and working groups and start its working agenda with active participation by the local stakeholders. This significant Tourism event aims to foster private and public partnership on Sustainable Development and facilitate capacity building for Coron & Calamianes on ecological and cultural conservation, comprehensive economic development benefitting not only prospective investors but also the local indigenous community.
The Coron Initiative’s First Environmental Forum is supported by corporate partners and community benefactors - the “Triple Bottom Line” pillars in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability. Special thanks to sponsors who made this advocacy possible: SMART Communications Philippines, NIDO Petroleum Ltd, Airphil Express (MTR Ticketing Office Coron Station), Department of Environment & Natural Resources & Environmental Management Bureau Region IV-B, CENRO-Coron), Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, Governor Baham Mitra, Provincial Governor of Palawan, Palawan First District Representative Congressman Antonio C. Alvarez, Department of Tourism-Region IV, Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, United Nationas Environment Program-RRCAP-AIT, GrAT Austria-Zero Carbon Resorts, Green Hotels Asia Pacific & CLEAN BLUE Asia. Coron-based supporters include Coron Gateway Hotel, Busuanga Island Paradise, Darayonan Lodge, Rock Steady Dive Center, Coron Sustainable Tourism Cooperative (CSTC), Kingfisher Park, Calamianes Expeditions - Coron Eco Tours, HIKARI- SSP Demo Farm and Tagbanua Tribes of Coron Island Association. Official media partners are Natural Wellness and Smart Alternatives Magazines. 
For more details on Registration and green sponsorship opportunities please contact Mr.AL LINSANGAN III- Executive Director Chair - First Coron Calamianes Environmental Forum, # 11 San Agustin St. Barangay Poblacion 3, Coron, Palawan   Philippines 5316. Email at,


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