Monday, February 6, 2012

Tripadvisor reports major drop in Greek hotel prices

Tripadvisor reports major drop in Greek hotel prices

Hotel prices in Greece are dropping by as much as 20%, according to TripAdvisor.
Its examination of nine popular Greek destinations shows that all but two have seen hotel rates drop significantly since a year ago.
The biggest fall was in Corfu, where hotel rates have dropped on average by 20%.

Only in Mykonos and Santorini have rates remained relatively stagnant.

"While the Greek economy has experienced a traumatic year, the silver lining for tourism could be an increase in visitors due to the lower prices in many of its popular destinations," said Emma Shaw, a TripAdvisor spokesperson.

"There are some excellent hotel deals to be had in Greece at the moment, and with hotel prices coming down, it could be a great time for Brits to plan a 2012 holiday to Greece."

Rates in Corfu dropped 20.3% from €99.27 to €79.07
Rates in Zakynthos dropped 12.4% from €86.96 to €76.16
Rates in Kos dropped 9.6% from €75.06 to €67.86
Rates in Kefalonia dropped 8.2% from €107.85 to €99.05
Rates in Athens dropped 7.9% from €81.02 to €74.66 7.9%
Rates in Crete dropped 7.7% from €85.75 to €79.16
Rates in Rhodes dropped 5.6% from €96.82 to €91.42 5.6%
Rates in Santorini dropped 0.1% from €162.08 to €161.91
Rates in Mykonos rose 0.7% from €160.04 to €161.09 0.7% rise

Percentages above specify the average change in per room per night hotel room cost at hotels found on TripAdvisor in that destination when comparing 1 November 2010 to 16 January 2011 against the same dates one year later.

Between 22 and 401 hotels of various star-ratings were checked for each destination, for a total of 1,299 hotels checked across all nine destinations.


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