Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Seminar:

Historic Food and Wine Routes from the Minoan Period to Today
Available Dates:  June 6 to 14, 2011

An 8-day program designed for professional researchers and serious enthusiasts of archeology, agroecology, botany and cuisine. Explore Crete's cultural and natural treasures with resident specialists.  Enjoy low and medium-level hiking during the journey, just as our ancestors traveled. Stay in small family-run lodging in the regions we will explore to support community-based sustainable tourism. Discover a taste of Crete’s fascinating heritage while  supporting important grassroots initiatives of the present. Our professionally guided tours, presentations and hikes  are private and customized for our small group of 12 attendees.

Program Highlights :


*  Join resident licensed historians for private tours of the Historic Sites of Knossos, Festos and Gortyna
*  Join Professor Donald Haggis at the archaeological site of Azoria where excavation work is in progress

Music:  Visit the Labyrinth Traditional Musical Instrument Museum

Traditional Cuisine:  Dinners and demos featuring regional specialties from wild and cultivated sources

Organic Wine:  Visit several gorgeous organic vineyards for presentations on indigenous varietals

Botany and Geology:  Explore Crete's beautiful and wild countryside with resident ecologists


Days 1 and 2:  Heraklion Area, North-Central Crete
A taste of Minoan culture, traditional music, botany, organic food and wine.

Days 3 to 5: South-Central Region and Coast
Visit Festos and Gortyna, organic farms and a fantastic organic winery.

Days 6 to 8:  Eastern Mountains and Coast
Explore the Azoria Project, an archaeological site- excavation in progress, and other historic sites, farms, vineyards 
and hamlets with Professor Donald Haggis and the research team.

Day 9:  Travel day.  

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