Thursday, February 9, 2012

Become a green travel agent

Why bother? Here are 20 good reasons to find out how travel agents and homeworkers can benefit
The future is green, or at least it may not be as black as it looks. And, in many respects, the green travel economy may well be in the hands of green, inspired travel agents and homeworkers who care about our future and are prepared to invest a little time in thinking about it.
So here are 20 good reasons why you may benefit - maybe you have more, if so let us know:
  • Beat Tripadvisor at their own game - who would you prefer taking advice from about sustainable tourism? Someone who has trained and knows what’s happening or an amateur with an axe to grind?
  • Green travel business is repeat business because your clients have such a good time they’ll come again and again!
  • There is nothing more value-added than a holiday that represents a truly authentic experience of a destination.
  • Sustainable competitive advantage means just that - your advantage over any competition - get it by learning more about green travel.
  • Green purchasers care about what they are buying and are prepared to pay more for a valid experience..
  • The LOHAS market (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) see: is already a $100bn market
  • We recycle, we watch our use of energy, we pay more for fuel - everything to do with energy is becoming more valuable. This effect is transferring to travel - a high-value item. Your customers will realize how much they need a trusted travel advisor to maximize the value of their experience - YOU!
  • There is so much greenwash that you need to be able to sift the truth from the half-truths and to do that you need to learn.
  • Back the winners - the world’s two biggest tour operators (Thomas Cook and TUI) are both leading the way to a green future - don’t fall off the bandwagon
  • Watch the battle in the sky - so far the airlines are avoiding paying for their pollution, but even IATA agree that it will happen - benefit by understanding the game and increase your credibility.
  • Watch the battle at sea - the cruise companies are all competing to be the greenest, more benefits for the knowledgeable travel agent.
  • Watch the battle on the land - train routings are very green, but very complex, customers need the assistance of a knowledgeable travel agent.
  • Watch the battle of the companies - the MICE business is becoming greener than green - how many big companies can afford NOT to have a green convention. Great for them, but how much longer will it be until smaller companies with smaller budgets follow suit? And you can cash in.
  • Watch the battle of business travel - here is another area that is getting greener by the day - and to engage with it you really need to know your stuff.
  • Get the benefit of co-operations with your local green/green-focused green organizations and groupings by being as green as them.

  • Green travel has great benefits for local communities, providing occupation, training and money without crippling the environment.
  • Green travel can break down cultural barriers leading to fewer wars and terrorism.
  • Your new green office will save you stacks of money, which you can spend on thinks you really enjoy.
  • It’s the way things are going - join in now to get the biggest benefits and sleep easy at night!
  • Think of your children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren

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