Monday, March 12, 2012

Green hotels will attract environmentally conscious guests


HOTELS must go "green" to attract environmentally conscious overseas guests, says the InterContinental Adelaide's general manager.

James Allen said tourists, particularly from overseas, were more environmentally conscious than ever and sought to stay in such hotels.
"On my last trip to Japan, it was specifically asked of me if our hotels were environmentally friendly," he said.
"The fact that that market is seriously thinking of staying in hotels which are demonstrating sustainability is significant and would really help put Adelaide on the map in terms of a desirable destination," he said.
For the past three months, the InterContinental Adelaide has recycled all of its waste.
Mr Allen said hotels took the green dollar seriously and were all trying to be the most environmentally friendly to attract clients and save money.
He said he was looking to incorporate surrounding businesses in a plan to establish roof-top gardens complete with bee hives.
Hotels Association of South Australia general manager Ian Horne said the green dollar was a big issue for hotels.
"Consumers look kindly on a clean and green hotel so, from a marketing perspective and from a business model perspective, it just makes good sense," he said.

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