Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

In November, Thessaloniki – the arts city – becomes the centre of international filmmaking. Great Greek and foreign artists arrive in large numbers to compete on their art, adding to the everlasting glamour of this great city.
The festival was established in 1960; it has since then remained in the centre of the Greek film production and has provided the means for promoting great film producers.
The festival was created with a view to boosting the efforts of newcomers who presented their first or second film. Later on, acknowledged filmmakers also took part in it and a special tribute is now made each year to some outstanding film director. Locals, students and visitors alike flow in for screenings, actively participating at a lively pace in all the events.

In 1992 the festival turned international. It has earned a prestigious place in the world of filmmakers who honour it with their work as well as their presence.
The International Film Festival is the most important one in southeast Europe, a great cultural event and at the same time a big celebration. People involved in the arts look forward to travelling to this amazing city and to renewing their friendships, sharing their experiences and of course enjoying nightlife. Thessaloniki is in itself an attraction for film-makers and travellers alike, what with the White Tower, its fascinating haunts, numerous sights and a unique atmosphere!
The 53rd Thessaloniki Film Festival will take place this year on November 2 – 11 at the institution’s historic “seat”, Olympion and Pavlos Zannas theatres and in the following Port halls: John Kassavetis,Stavros Tornes, Tonia Marketaki and Frida Liappa, setting the pace for the ten-day celebration of the independent cinema.
Films from all over the world, cinematic surprises, important guests, tributes (to Theo Angelopoulos among others) and other side events will transform the city of Thessaloniki into a youthful hive of life and prolific exchange of ideas, centred on the Art of Cinema.
Major names of the Silver Screen will grace the 53rd Festival with their presence and spectators will be given a chance to get to know and enjoy each filmmaker’s particular perspective.

More specifically, on the occasion of tributes made to their work during this year’s Festival, the popular -among Greek cinema fans- Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki, the award-winner Bahman Ghobadi (of Kurdish descent), the German filmmaker Andreas Dresen and Cristian Mungiu – one of the most important representatives of contemporary Romanian cinema- will all come to Thessaloniki for the Festival.

See here the highlights of the 53rd Thessaloniki Film Festival.

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